About Us

Silver Army Men is an exercise in finding value in the mundane. Just because something is abundant to the verge of oblivion, doesn't mean that it is without profound value. Billions of small green army men have been embedded in joyful battle around the world for over 50 years. You would be hard pressed to find a person who hasn't had some interaction with these inanimate warriors of imagination. Their value is in nostalgia, memory and association, and we have reinvigorated these virtues. We’ve reintroduced this squadron to a generation of enthusiasts who may have long since forgotten about them.



Sometimes a work of art just needs to be re-imagined in a new medium. A little bit of weight, glint and tactile satisfaction can go a long way in reminding us of something’s value. This new squadron has been rendered in sterling silver to exacting specs and detail true to those of the original Vietnam era Louis Marx & Co toy creations. Think adult sized Big Wheel made in the Harley Davidson factory and you'll get an idea of what we've done here... Starting with about an ounce of silver and a heaping dose of Americana.

Silver Army Men are a product of GOOD ART HLYWD. Since 1990, GOOD ART has operated as an icon of American craftsmanship. The world-renowned foundry is located in the heart of Los Angeles and meticulously designs, produces and distributes handcrafted, high-end luxury goods.


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